What Once Was and Shall be

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Have you enjoyed my writing on this blog? Has my writing on the struggles of caregiving and Alzheimer’s touched you? Do you want my writing to reach more people, to help and encourage them? Perhaps this post has reminded you, as what I experience has reminded me, how much those facing Alzheimer’s need support and encouragement. I have written a book about my first experience with Alzheimer’s and I am currently running a crowd-funding campaign with a goal of reaching as many people facing Alzheimer’s as possible. Would you take just a moment to look at that campaign and consider offering your support? Thank you, I appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “What Once Was and Shall be

  1. veronicahrose

    The style of this post reminds me a lot of the style of your book. And again, even as someone who really hasn’t had much exposure to Alzheimer’s, you brought me along with you to grasp the situation perfectly, and to empathize as well. Looking forward to possibly seeing you on your book tour!

    1. Thief Post author

      Yeah, I think when I wrote that post I was in the same frame of mind as when I wrote the book.

      If all goes well the book tour will work out 🙂

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