Thoughts on Coming Close

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Coming Close

  1. wil

    Thank you for writing this piece. I feel that it speaks to the truth of what Jesus did for all of us in God becoming man. In Jesus being a sympathetic priest. In Jesus setting us free. Why is it that we always want to fix it? Is it because we are just not comfortable with just sitting there and being there for a friend; the way Job’s friends were there for him initially. But later even they began to say it was because of sin that he had encounter his trials. I think there is a humbleness in saying “I can’t fix you, but I know someone who can, who can make you new and that’s Jesus…”

  2. Deborah Anne

    This is beautiful, and it cuts to the heart of things. That song is the perfect accompaniment to grief. I have nothing to add to what you already said, but I did want to let you know that I appreciate this post.

  3. veronicah rose

    Haven’t been over to your little space in internet land in awhile. I see you’ve been busy.

    This fits so well. With everything that’s happening now to me and with my trying to help the people. This is so true. People don’t want a you to mumble on like Job’s friends about the solution to your problems, which they don’t know the first thing about anyways. I love Christa’s lyrics about painful subjects because I think she has a deeper understanding than most. This song, like Emptiness Sings, captures it all beautifully.

    1. Thief Post author

      Veronicah, it feels a bit funny to hear you say I’ve been busy. I have a big backload of unwritten blog posts which is frustrating me. I feel like I should be making more time for them. Ah well. I am glad you appreciated the post.

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