The Worth of Stories

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2 thoughts on “The Worth of Stories

  1. wil

    I agree, it is God’s story. We are also individuals, and one thing speaks to us, might be different how or even if it speaks to another. Let alone the different stages that one may be in to recieve the “truth” from your story. Just had an idea, I spoke to you prior about this, but I feel that this book has an outlet with nursing homes, not for the residents but for the families. I know you spoke of support groups, but what I have noticed is that the families in some facilities have meetings, where they discuss things on behalf of the residents, maybe giving a talk at those meetings will be a way to get the book out there. I know I always have all these crazy ideas lol, some times I need some realism. I like this post, not only highlights that ultimately we are a dim, and poor reflection of HIS glory, but that God knows us by name, intimately those who are his, and that we are unique, like our fingerprints in our fingers are unique to each and everyone of us. God bless you brother, missed you last Sunday (missed everyone :-), Lord willing see you, this coming Sunday 🙂

    1. Thief Post author

      Wil, I would be glad to share my book, and my story, wherever people would listen. Once my book is published we’ll see what success you have at getting me into your place of work 😉

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