Talking to The Director

You know you have grown up, when you are talking to library directors. It also means you might just be an author preparing to go on tour. If you spend too much time thinking about it, the whole situation might start to become intimidating.

At least it is that way for me.

I remember as a kid that the librarians were always very intimidating. They were the figures of authority, the ones behind the desk who frowned on noise and the abuse of books (two things as a kid I was always in danger of infringing upon). So, librarians were way up there. Tremble to approach, or something like that.

For an introverted, shy, kid like me it was an act of great bravery to finally go up and get my first very own library card. I practiced signing for it in advance.

All of this to say that I was reflecting this week that I have certainly come a distance in my life that now I am calling up librarians. Even more, when I talk to them they say, “Oh, you’ll need to talk to the Director about that. Let me see if I can find the Director, or transfer you.”

So now I am talking to library directors, emailing library directors, and answering library directors questions about my qualifications to speak at their libraries. And I am convincing these library directors that I am qualified to speak at their libraries, and getting them to schedule dates for me to speak at their libraries.

Some days I feel like I’ve never grown up, and never will. But I guess if we have to draw a line somewhere and say crossing it means you are grown up, I suppose “Convincing a library director to let you speak at their library” counts as that line. At least for this boy who was scared to even talk to a normal librarian.

Touring events for my book are starting to come together. Below are the first I have dates solidified on, and more are in the works so stay tuned. Some future ones might be in your area!