Life, Love, and Liberty

What are the odds of you randomly showing up in a movie theater and being shot? But maybe it isn’t about statistical odds at all. What if the low points and the high points of life–the seeming improbable good and improbable bad, have nothing to do with chance? Is that freeing or terrifying? This video is probably too long and too sappy for some, but I was really struck by one comment that comes almost at the very end: “A life of self renouncing love is liberty.” That answers the question about how we ought to live life and understand both love and liberty: Wildflower / A Proposal.

This second video is a song that caught my interest. I like it. In a way it carries on the theme a bit about love found in the previous video; ‘Never Any Good’ by Martin Simpson.

Hope you enjoy this brief interlude!

5 thoughts on “Life, Love, and Liberty

    1. Thief Post author

      Just remember, Wil, that not all romance is the same. When I showed that video to Krystelle she said that as much as she enjoyed the video she would not have liked having people singing at her. So if you’re going to aim for romancing your wife make sure you know what she apprecaite 😉

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