Where I Want to Live

by rundy on October 4, 2010

The Suarez family, friends of my brother Arlan, were planning to redo their kitchen, and so offered the old cabinetry to our family. Since the cabinets in at Mom and Dad’s are ancient steel monstrosities that are probably at least thirty, if not fifty, years older this was an opportunity for frugal upgrading. The cost was simply the time and effort required to remove the cabinets. This became Saturday’s adventure.

I suppose, strictly speaking, it wasn’t an adventure. We didn’t get lost, imperil our lives and health, or otherwise get tangled up in excitement. But hitching up the trailer to the truck and heading off into dirt-road country in Pennsylvania feels a bit like an adventure. It certainly was a perfect day for an adventure. The autumn colors were near their height, and in spite of the previous day’s rain Saturday’s weather had turned mild and sunny. The trip out was a journey across the rolling back hills and narrow dirt roads with little to show for the passage of the last twenty to forty years. Technology, and people, lose much of their oppressive nearness when you get out into country where you can look from horizon to horizon and see nary another habitation.

We had a bit of a problem reaching the Suarez house because a number of dirt roads were closed. We ended up being directed by bright orange signs in a large circular route which brought us to the house from nearly the opposite direction of our initial approach. Our best guess was that roadways had been washed out by the torrential rain from the previous day. When we arrived we found ourselves at an old farmhouse situated at the corner of a one lane dirt road. The road had been completely unmarked, and we would have taken somebody’s long driveway instead of the road except the owner of said driveway stopped on their way out to point us toward the narrow rutted path that looked like a driveway, and told us that was the road we wanted to take.

The house had a great view of the distant hills, and reminded me much of Mom and Dad’s place as far as being an old farmhouse, though it was much, much further along in the processes of being fixed up. Which chickens out scratching in the dirt road and the occasional pickup truck rattling by, the place had an idyllic atmosphere. The house wasn’t some glorious beauty, but if someone asked me where I would want to live I would tell you that is the sort of place I would want to live.

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Happy Drink

by rundy on October 1, 2010

(Click on image for larger copy.)

Comic about happy drink

Some people get to have all the fun.

Every person’s metabolism is unique. Food affects each of us differently. Some people never can weight, others struggle to keep it off. And for some people, sugar affects their bodies like a controlled substance.

My cousin Arielle is one of those people.

I don’t have a very high tolerance for sugar. I eat a bit too much and I start to feel a little funny. I eat more, and I start to feel sick. But if Arielle drinks half a Dunkin Donuts Coolatta and she becomes psycho happy. It’s not like her mood is improved a tad bit. It’s not like she gets a little smile on her face. No, we’re talking really, really, happy.

She says it is a combination of the sugar, and the red dye they use in the drink which affects her. Whatever the case, she gets the biggest smile, the goofiest attitude, and tons of energy. She’s a turbocharged blast of good cheer. I should also mention that she is twenty-two, not two, so we’re talking about a really potent effect from this Coolatta drink (which I’ve never tasted myself, by the way).

And I’m glad. It’s nice, in an almost surreal way. I mean, I’d rather have a laughing, over-charged, energizer bunny than a homicidal maniac.

But also, I think I’m a tiny bit jealous. That kind of experience is completely alien to me. I’ve had food make me sick, I’ve had food make me feel weird, and I’ve had food make me content. But I’ve never experienced a 10x surge of energy from anything I’ve consumed. And, sometimes, when I’m really dragging, I kind of wouldn’t mind a bit of that wild magic.

Then it occurs to me that it might not be a good idea.

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Digital Drawing

September 30, 2010

The attentive reader will have noticed that in the last few days some artistic work, in the form of comics, has appeared on this website. For the curious, I have been creating them using a drawing tablet. I use a stylus that looks something like a pen and draw on a tablet that looks something […]

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The Tragedy of New Socks

September 28, 2010

(Click on image for larger copy.) Last week I broke down and bought myself some new socks. It had come to the point where most of a certain bunch of socks had holes in the heels, and were working on complete disintegration on the bottom. They were headed toward the state of being more absent […]

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Do You Dream in Color?

September 24, 2010

Someone recently commented to me that they dream in vivid colors. This made me stop and think: Do I dream in color? Since it is hard to recall a whole collection of dreams in detail, on the spot, it is hard to give a scientific answer. But my best recollection is this–Sometimes, I definitely dream […]

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My Day in Comic Form

September 23, 2010

Spent four hours up on a ladder painting. Instead of writing about that, I supply you with this comic rendition: Click on the image for larger, better, copy.

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Be Wary of Casting Stones

September 22, 2010

I recently read a Vanity Fair article about the Greek debt crisis1 by Michael Lewis. (Hat tip: The Ethereal Voice2.) I was already aware of the broad picture of the Greek crisis, so it wasn’t an amazing eye-opener for me. But the article does give a nice summing up of the situation, along with an […]

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Upgrading Ubuntu

September 10, 2010

 I upgraded my computer operating system this week. On one of my computers I run the Linux distro Ubuntu. I have been using Ubuntu for a number of years, and I have been very happy with it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to rehabilitate an old computer—for free—to be used as […]

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The Book: Arielle’s Wedding

June 24, 2010

Note: I wrote this story as a birthday gift for my cousin. That was back in March. I am only now getting around to posting this here. Arielle was a lovely young lady of the finest disposition, but she had one problem. She had family issues. Want More? Order a copy Download the entire story […]

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Mighty Hands

June 18, 2010

Yesterday I dug four holes four feet deep. Anyone who has dug holes for concrete pillar forms knows what I nightmare this can be. These are the rare times I envy the Southern folk, those who have the soft sandy soil, and no concerns about a four foot frost line. Putting in a porch down […]

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