Empty Places

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5 thoughts on “Empty Places

  1. Cadie

    You do have a way with words. Wow.

    “In empty spaces we are taught” struck a chord with me. As does “Life is the learning of what we have been taught and yet do not understand, and those are a wave tossed sea in our soul, highlighted in crest by the foam which emotions wrought.”

    It’s not always the outwardly noteworthy or dramatic things that have the deepest impact, but as empty as certain times feel, it’s often those times of seeming emptiness which God uses to teach us.

    The picture you paint in this post feels very relatable to me. (Phrased that a bit awkwardly, but hopefully you know what I mean.)

    1. Thief Post author

      Thanks very much.

      Since I “rebooted” the blog I have made a conscious decision to allow myself to exercise my more poetic inclinations. I am not certain as to the effect of the results. I am concerned the instances of alleration and imagery might at times verge on purple prose but for the present I am letting the style play out. Maybe a later reading will give me more clarity. Other opinions give me an idea how the prose strikes the ears of readers. In any case it’s only a blog, not a polished book.

      1. Cadie

        Sometimes it borders on too flowery, but the flip side of it is that this style of writing is well-suited for expressing the hard-to-describe emotions and feelings you are describing. It would really bug me if all the fancy language didn’t seem to be saying much of anything, but that’s not the case. The vivid picture-language conveys abstract, hard-to-express things in a way that rings true.

  2. Cynthia

    I agree with Cadie. I find it hard to wrap words around personal emotion, but your “mix of hue and shade” word pictures and actual empty room with a carpet impression do evoke emotion in this reader. Thanks for taking the time to put these thoughts into a form that we can share.

  3. wil

    “Her house emptied, possessions dispersed with the efficiency of rats fleeing a fast sinking ship”, very vivid imagery, good choice of words. I was enjoying this week as a treat a little bit of the stuttering bard of york, can’t wait to have more time to continue to dwelve into his misadventures 🙂

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