Down Here

It is easy to trust God,
until there is something
you really want or truly fear.

Then you find it might not,
surely is not,

How deceitful we become to our very selves,
the lies we so quickly believe,
what we prefer more than truth.

What God gives
we fear
because we want what we want.

And we see no life
what we desire.

How can poison seem
so suddenly sweet
and trust such a terrible thing.

We frighten ourselves
for we are
a house divided.

3 thoughts on “Down Here

  1. Thief Post author

    Thank you, really. I think it is the heart’s desire of every writer to in some small way break down the walls that make us all feel alone. At least, it is mine. And so I am glad that my words in some feebly way spoke truly to you.

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