Once there was a writer who attended parties and other social gatherings. On these occasions people would ask him about his occupation. When they learned he was a writer they would begin asking all sorts of awkward questions.

The writer grew tired of answering questions like, “Can you actually do that for a living?” and, “How much do you make?” or even, “Where do you get your ideas?”

To avoid such questions the writer decided he would tell everyone he was a silverware thief. “It seems,” he said to his friend, “that writing is the most disreputable and strange career choice one could make. When I tell people I am a silverware thief I get less awkward questions, and I can give more interesting answers!”

Who that writer was has been lost with time, but the story gave the name for this site. A writer by any other name is . . . a silverware thief.

Since April 2003 Silverwarethief.com has been chronicling the life of one writer.

Born in November 1981 and homeschooled until graduation from high school, Rundy has told stories since before he could write, and has been writing stories since he could write.

This is his personal website, the repository for his various scribblings and experiments. It exists so long as he is amused to allow it to exist, and contains whatever he wants it to contain. It is his hope that the material contained herein will delight, entertain, educate, and inform those readers who happen to stumble upon this literary abode. You will find a lot of writing here, covering various subjects. For those interested, he also has a professional website (1).

For three years (2006–2009) he cared for his Grandfather until the end of the Alzheimer’s journey. Rundy now works in the publishing industry, and writes when he can.

When not writing, Rundy enjoys reading, designing websites, painting and drawing, bicycling, spending time outside, taking photographs, buildings things and putzing around—not necessarily in that order. Currently he lives in upstate New York.

For the curious, “Rundy” is not his legal name, but it is indeed what he has been called since an infant.

In 2007 his novel The Stuttering Bard of York was self-published. If you have enjoyed his writing on this website, you may enjoy reading his novel (2).


(1) www.creative-vapors.com
(2) www.creative-vapors.com/bard

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