A Winter Grimness

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5 thoughts on “A Winter Grimness

  1. Deborah

    The cold stings pretty deep this winter for me, too. But spring does come.

    As you said, we are not meant to live all of life in winter.

    In the meantime, I’m trying to find the parts of winter that hold beauty. They are difficult to find, but their rareness only increases their value. Beauty is more precious in winter, I think.

    I could write more, but it is late. Take heart, friend.

    1. Thief Post author

      You, at least, have a better excuse for the sting of this winter given the recent loss in your family.

      You are right, there is beauty in winter. Also, there is beauty in spite of winter. But for those of us who struggle with this season winter reminds us that there is a headwind in this world which blows against beauty in all its shapes. Yet, winter passes. It is a common observation how the seasons speak to us of redemption, but it is a good thing to remember for spring does remind us of deep things about the work of God. “Behold” He said, “I make all things new.”

      But in our own lives it is also helpful to diagnose the source of a sickness to facilitate treating it. Inasmuch as my current bleakness is seasonal the antedote is in large measure some sunshine. A good walk on a sunny day does help in mood and perspective.

      In part this post was to remind myself that the things we feel and struggle with need to be named and faced, not just ignored (ignoring is my tendency). Sometimes the start of a right perspective is simply admitting that we are sick (whether just a bit, or a lot) and seeing ourselves in need of some healing instead of pretending to be all okay.

      Perspective also helps. I have been in much darker places, so I can put the present in perspective. But experience has also taught me to not treat lightly my struggle of today, however small I might see it. The scoffed struggle grows like cancer if untreated.

      I suspect a large part of my current perspective is the season, but I do not think it is all just that. There are deep waters in my heart, and there are currents of more than just a lack of Vitamin D. There is something in my heart that needs to better apprehend that The Light has already come, and so we can truly take heart no matter what the season on the earth or within ourselves.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. veronicahrose

    Can definitely relate to this. Around PA we’re proud because we can survive the winters, but lately we’re ready for spring. I think, for me, the grimness was worst during my solely homeschool days. After that I’ve had school and now work to sustain me through the season, but there’s something about being home that seemed to trigger it. My lack of motivation always showed in the amount of school I got done during those dreary months. Anyways, I’ve rambled on for long enough. Here’s to spring, friend. Here’s hoping March goes out like a lamb.

    1. Thief Post author

      Being stuck inside (because of homeschooling or any other cause) definitely makes it worse. When I lived at Grandma’s the road was better plowed so I could get out for more regular bike rides straight through the winter. Here further into the country there have been several weeks in a row where the roads have remained so bad it would have been quite reckless for me to go out. Riding was my outlet to feel less trapped so I sort of wonder if that inability contributes to things feeling worse this winter.

      Being productively active and focusing on something other than one’s own four walls is definitely good.

      March is certainly going to be interesting. I hope it goes out like a lamb. Today’s forecast is 3-5 inches of snow, turning to 1-3 inches of snow and ice tonight, becoming rain. So right now we’re very much in the “lion” part, lol.

  3. wil

    I think you are right, in naming the problem, coming to terms that in many ways we are broken and in need of a savior, no matter what the season. Thanks for the post friend

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